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Road Ripper 3000™

Upgrade Your Transmission to Increase Overall Performance

The Road Ripper 3000 is a transmission for the hardcore driver. It handles speed and weight with durability and strength, making it the alpha and omega of transmissions. It's the highest in the line of Road Ripper transmissions, and Trans Works Transmission is happy to install this transmission in any vehicle that really wants to own the road. Whether you're hauling logs or drag racing on Saturday night, the Road Ripper 3000 is the transmission that changes the game and makes sure you own the road.

Designed for Drag Racers

Drag racers need two things. They need to pick up speed quickly and transition through their gears seamlessly. With the Road Ripper 3000, a driver experiences a seamless transition through the gears, which allows for a greater pickup in speed. It's made from heavy duty parts to provide the durability you need in a transmission. It does require an external cooling system, but Trans Works Transmission can take care of the complete installation and insure your vehicle has everything needed to operate using this transmission.

Great for Hauling Heavy Loads

Are you tired of your current transmission making your tow time longer. Do pull heavy loads of over 10,000lbs. on a consistent basis? With the Road Ripper 3000, you can increase your truck's towing and pulling performance, which will improve the overall experience you have when towing. Whether it's logs, heavy equipment, or a large cattle car, this transmission has you covered. If you live in or around Wisconsin, schedule an appointment with us for a transmission overhaul and we promise you'll love the new performance of your vehicle.


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