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Replacing a transmission is, without question, expensive. That's why it's important that consumers explore all repair or replacement options before approving a cost estimate from a mechanic. In general, there are three options for repair when a transmission fails. The first is rebuilding the existing transmission. The second is opting for a remanufactured transmission. The third option is to acquire a used transmission from an auto recycling center. Each option has advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before making a decision.

Using a Salvaged Transmission

While often the least expensive option, installing a transmission that was removed from a salvage vehicle has inherent risks. Even if the used part has a warranty from the recycler, the labor often will not be included. In other words, there is a risk the transmission won't function properly once installed, and most mechanics will not simply remove a defective used transmission without charging for their time. That means the vehicle owner could be responsible for more labor charges than necessary.

Buying a Remanufactured Transmission

This option is certainly acceptable but tends to be the most costly option available. Remanufactured transmissions are completely gone through with the majority of wear parts, as well as seals and gaskets, replaced in a factory setting. The process results in a quality product that is, as a rule, every bit as good as a new transmission direct from the original factory. These transmissions also come with a solid warranty to protect the consumer.

Rebuilding the Existing Transmission

Rebuilt transmission specialists working in dedicated transmission shops are experts at restoring a vehicle's existing transmission. In most cases, transmission failures are caused by a single part, or a part and related components, failing. That means not every part really needs to be replaced. When a transmission repair expert disassembles a transmission, it's generally easy to determine the cause of a failure and replace the faulty components. It's normally less expensive to rebuild a transmission than to order a remanufactured unit and often takes less time than waiting for a remanufactured transmission to be shipped. In most cases, this is the most cost-effective repair option.

Rebuilt transmission repairs from a local transmission shop can be the most affordable option when a failure occurs. However, make sure the shop truly specializes in transmission repairs and has staff members fully trained to provide the repairs. For more information, contact the experts today.


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